Thursday, June 23, 2005
Ok I Lied

This thing is an addiction, like ciggarettes and bad boys.  They more I try to stop myself the more I want it.

Yes, look for me here Cherzleen on Social Cafe.

Let the FLAMING begin.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Change is inevitable

Anyway, years before blogging became hip and tool for blogging was soo easily accessible I stumble onto this page Itís owned by this Swedish gal who resides in London, I was in love with her, she wrote stuff like ď sheís so beautiful, maybe if I touch her, Iíll be beautiful tooĒ.  Then she changed; she became happy, cheerful, and different. I felt as if I just lost a friend.


I donít want to Cherzleen to change, I want her to be remembered as the outspoken daredevil, armed to beat the crap of everyone who pissed her off, remember her typo & grammatical errors, everything! Because she is Cherzleen. 


People do change, itís reflected in everything they touch. I tried to make a comeback but I fail because I changed but I donít want Cherzleen to change. 


Let me end this with something Yunus bin Izam  said ďI have wrote all that needs to be writtenĒ.

Posted at 02:15 am by cherzleen

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